POS system or Point of Sale is a very popular term used in modern sales system. It has simplified the way of shopping from the customer viewpoint or viewpoint merchandise.

All major points of POS system uses widely. This means that it is widely applicable in businesses such as POS system for retail, restaurants, stores, along with food and a wider variety of other business.

                                      Retail POS System

The POS system is more like a systematic machine computer involving computer software, computer hardware and software also consists of checkout and checkout hardware.

The hardware and software components can be specific to the needs of the store. A computer monitor or other components of the computer form of computer hardware.

Check the hardware is a component such as a printer used to print bills, receipts, and check.Receipt printer, cash drawer that has a key provision, the barcode scanner to read the barcode printed on the item, card reader, and a pole display is another important component associated with point of sale systems.

A modern POS system is much more efficient than their previous versions.Technology has played an important role in modifying the function of point of sale systems like booking and purchase of shares, the POS system also helps the business owner to generate sales reports.

The POS system also helps consumers to purchase goods in a more rapid and efficient manner.