IOSH stands for the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health. IOSH training course program is primarily intended for managers and supervisors in the sector or type of organization.

It is designed and developed in such a manner to give managers all they need to know to help them in dealing with health and safety issues in their organizations. One can find out about IOSH managing safely online course via Wise Global Training Ltd.

We all know that the main purpose of this program and the training course is to achieve security and safety in terms of employee health and work environment. Basically put, the main reason is safety.

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However, there are also other reasons or factors that may affect the decision on whether to opt for such training courses deemed necessary.

1. Research has shown that by the total number of workers around the world, an average of about 38.5 million days lost each year due to work-related injuries or illness. This information alone gives out an alarming notification to managers and business owners alike.

It is true that the most common reason for absenteeism among students and workers are due to health problems. It is quite normal for the human body to get stressed with work and ended up having the flu or some kind of disease.

2. Based on the survey, about 25,000 people leaving the labor force every year and never went back to work because of the dangers and injuries that they experienced in the line of duty.