We know a lot of things that are the reason for cancer, but the court filings have recently been found the new substance that you may not realize – baby powder.

You would not think it to be dangerous, but there is now a strong statement of the relationship between talc and cancer. Recent filing for lawsuits with the help of baby powder cancer attorneys has increased and is a cause for concern.

It does not seem like a dangerous product. Most of us have been exposed to it and even our children exposed to it, but after knowing the facts, many people have stopped using the product altogether.

Lawsuits over baby powder are now increasing. So, is this claim valid? Is there an actual correlation between talc and cancer?

A recent case has been cited the relationship between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Though, there have been forewarnings about the usage of products in general prior to the submission. This warning is especially due to the potential dangers of inhaling small particles of minerals.

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns parents that the use of baby powder can cause breathing problems for the baby. This is due to the elements build up in their lungs. The particles are easy to breathe and nearly difficult to retain from going off the air.

It can be even riskier when the baby has other health issues such as respiratory infections, congenital heart disease, or respiratory syncytial virus. So be careful before using products like that.