A joint product development business partnership is a strategic alliance between two companies that need to leverage the assets of each other to create a new product or service offering for the market that would be difficult to do alone.

This type of business partnership will require a special set of agreements between the two companies and it is absolutely critical to have a close and well-established business relationship with the company or the executive prior to engaging in this special business relationship.

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It is unwise to forge ahead with a joint product development business deal if you have no prior relationship before discussing the opportunity.

However; as a small business owner you may not have that luxury. Be aware of the risks when developing a new product or service with a new partner without establishing a history of trust between the companies.

Both parties will be spending significant capital and an investment in staff in order to see a new product developed and brought to market. Failing to get a return on investment is likely to cause irreparable damage to a small business.

When evaluating whether to develop a joint product development business partnership with another company it is critical to vet the company that you are thinking of partnering with and evaluate that they have the resources and talent to complete their parts of the deal.

At the same time make sure that enough market research has been conducted that you feel confident in the success of the product once it is ready for the public.

As the partner initiating the discussions about a joint product development deal, this data should already be collected and available to the potential partner, but do independent research to validate the potential partner's claims. This will help you size up the partner quickly and understand the seriousness of the opportunity.