All SMO techniques focus directly on the promotion of your brand or product. There, products with high-quality articles, blogs, and even e-mail can become conversations about the city. In this way, they can start a campaign for their product.

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While Twitter is quickly becoming part of the B2B package of social media marketing services, it's more than a B2C communication channel. All blog posts provide a company insight into the world of financial investment that is far more effective than 140 characters on Twitter.

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If a B2B company wants to use social platforms, it's better to use this specific social media solution to promote blog posts or news rather than communicate the ideals of the entire company.

B2C companies who want to communicate directly with customers often find many advantages over a platform that allows them to monitor customer reactions in real-time. Social platforms also give businesses the ability to respond directly to potential or returning customers without having to search for contact information or sales data. 

If your company makes social sense, YouTube is also one of the best social media solutions for content marketing. Convincing YouTube videos require more work but attract the attention of a wider audience.