The organization of the church funeral may seem just a long "to do" list at an already difficult time – and the music is often an afterthought. However, playing music is the heart of a funeral service, family and friends can also celebrate and remember your love with so much more than words and tears. There are many funeral homes that also provide services like Piper Funerals & Dove Releases in Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull.

Some people leave instructions in their wills to play music or sing their funerals, if this is the case, the family must respect their wishes. However, if no directions exist, it is often a case of you and your special person to this music choice of the family or your memories of them.

Your minister of the church should also be consulted on the choice of music because they have a particular appreciation of what music is suitable for a funeral or memorial service. Funeral services church generally follow a set order, but there are several possibilities for music within the service.

Music sung in the church does not always have to be religious, so if you want to choose a modern song to sing, check the lyrics beforehand and discuss your choices with your minister. Also keep in mind that any good sound modern songs are composed of a church organ, so consider hiring a singer's funeral that provides their own support.