Many parents are happy to celebrate the birthday of their kids. The first step in planning the birthday party is to find a theme in which you can choose their favorite cartoons, TV shows or even games. 

Instead of birthday-themed cake, you can have one with a picture of your baby on it. Regarding the activities are concerned birthday, get invited to dip their hands in paint and make traces on a T-shirt. You can also arrange a special kids birthday party in Gold Coast.

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You can also find out what games children play in early childhood and make their birthday play. Bouncy castle was also great, especially if it is outside. Toddlers love to make lots of noise to the fan and the horn make them very happy. The best theme for the birthday is of cartoon characters

Girls at this age love to play. The ideas of the birthday girl party ball include princess cinderella or snow white. The girls also like fashion show on the theme of the birthday party. You can also include the teddy bear and you can give a simple shirt to them to decorate and dress their teddy bears.

Birthday party for boys includes games like treasure hunt. Kids will have fun trying to find a little treasure. The treasures can range from candy to a small toy. Or, you could have a superhero game. You do not need to buy expensive super hero costume, you can just have them put on a dress.