The summer season has arrived and you need to be preparing yourself in order to handle the extra customers in this season this year. We are always ready to help with the right mix of products that can help you streamline your business and maximize your profits during the peak season.

If you own an outside catering business then you need to be well prepared, we help you with some of the necessary products like EPOS systems that are required for your business. You can get the services of epos system via

You can take the orders of food and drink right at the table of the customers with the help of waiter pads. It helps waiters not only to place the orders but also send it to the epos system and then to the kitchen printer. It helps in avoiding some costly mistakes by eliminating the need for scruffy handwriting.

Waiter pads also prompt staff to ask important questions and make sure no details or sales opportunities are missed. It also works on tablets with the help of a secured connection. Ensure a stable and secure connection and no matter where you are on the premises.

You can also easily add extra terminals in the rental model for those busy periods. This feature is particularly useful for tablets that are running on windows which could also be utilized as a spare waiter pad or even as a kitchen display if required.

EPOS Direct offers wireless solutions so that you can accept payments at the table with the help of WiFi connections. Payments such as cards can also be added to make the transaction orders quickly which is perfect in a busy restaurant, cafes, pubs, bars, and more.