Many major cities and educational centers have schools and businesses that offer a variety of courses and programs to help international students prepare to study abroad. You may also enroll in academic course of study if you opt for study abroad.

Such facilities are sometimes associated with local or national universities, but many are also offered by private companies that adapt their proposals for this purpose.

To find out if there are such facilities and programs in your area, check with your local universities and colleges, or do an internet search for private companies offering "pre-masters" programs.

As applicants of all kinds need and seek similar programs and services, they are usually available in a number of schedules and tutorials. Current students and graduates who wish to study abroad are usually offered courses on a daily basis.

Weekend and evening courses are also usually offered to students who are deeply involved in university graduation courses or who work during the day after graduation. In some special cases, personal training in certain fields may be organized for overseas applicants with special planning issues or time limits.

Most international students wishing to study at universities in English speaking countries will need assistance in some of the above areas to compete with other students they will study with.

Getting this help from trained professionals who know the specific requirements for international students studying abroad can be invaluable in helping ensure that your international experience is as stress free as possible and that you get the most of it.