Loneliness is becoming a silent killer for the elderly and retired people of the United Kingdom. Almost every day a news report is stating the death of an elderly who was left alone by his or her family members. They died as they have no one to take care of them at all and they were too old to do it by themselves.

These days, many private agencies have come forward to solve this massive problem. They are offering the services of elderly home care in London and other cities to give a healthy and helping company to the elderly. These agencies are adding some extra days and even months to the lives of these needy people.

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The elderly generation is our treasure, it may seem they do not have much to offer the world but, they are enriched with years of experiences, which they have collected from various sources. But, most of them are taking them to their graves as they have no one now to share it.

These professional caregivers from these agencies are only recruited and assigned after thorough background checking and police verification to ensure the highest level of safety for the elderly.

These people are highly trained to handle any kind of medical emergencies which could arise anytime and also keep a close connection with the local hospital and ambulance services to provide immediate responses in case of any urgency. They are offering their services composed inside various packages starting from 750 per week and 18 per hour basis.