A finished basement can also significantly increase the resale value of a house. If your basement is a haven for excess moisture, it will not only lower the value of your home but become a lost and dangerous place for your family. 

To turn your wet basement into the basement of your dreams, you must first diagnose and repair the leaky area. You can contact the basement contractors from this website https://americanwi.com/leaky-or-wet-basement/ to repair your basement.


If your basement smells like mildew, it's likely a sign of high humidity. This smell is a direct result of mold! 

The pipe flows

You notice that the pipes in your basement are showing signs of sweating can even drip water. The best way to get rid of this condensation is to ask a specialist to insulate the pipe.

The moisture of wall joints

Most homes with leaky basements have excess moisture buildup where the walls meet the floor. To fix this type of leaking basement for good, have a basement technician install a system to collect excess water and pump it everywhere.

Condensation on the walls

Removing excess moisture will not only make your basement more livable, it will also make your entire house less moldy and make it a safer place for your family.

Cracks in the floor

The most likely cause of a cracked basement floor is an uneven foundation. Ask a specialist to install a drainage system and sewage pump in the basement to collect excess water and remove it from the house where it is located.