A report published by market research firm, claims that consumers see camera phone ratings online before deciding to buy. This is equivalent to sales figures' popularity of the brand or model.

The same report, which was released in January 2007, stated that as many as one in three people will look at social networking sites on the internet that a feature comparison between different models of certain goods.

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There is a various online store, that has a large number of users who responded to the survey rated their products. 

Ranked cell phone cameras have been done differently by different sites. One form is derived from the product review website where specialist phones some write articles based on the benefits of technology models. Although this assessment is done through careful analysis and comparative studies, it is unlikely that they can cope with the speed of the new products that are constantly appearing on the market.

Other forms of assessment through surveys of camera phones. Visitors to their website are invited to give their opinion on certain items they know. Unfortunately, the results of the kind of consensus are more or less based on what certain brands are more popular use.

A consumer can only judge one product at a time, which he has used. The basis for high product ratings from the sales and not from studies relative to other brands with the same specifications