Bed bugs are so tiny that they don't require any actual space to live… a small space that is not much visible is the best place they thrive. These bugs are extremely active and powerful; they can climb and crawl up to 100ft without the slightest problem.

There have been reports that bed bugs have been found in large quantity hidden in the smoke alarm system and in the electrical sockets and in the dark corners of book cases etc. You can find best bed bug treatment at

How do I get bed bugs?

They are usually inactive during the day time, they are night creatures and are active only during night time when they come out of hiding places and go to the beds. It is not difficult to know that your house is infested with them, you will start seeing bites on your body, the bites are painful and don't heal quickly.

The bites are usually itchy and are look red as the skin is irritated over there and they also get swollen very quickly. There have been lots of cases where the bites get infected and they are very unpleasant as they constantly itch and are painful. The bite from bug needs treatment and some medicines from your doctor usually will solve the itch and the pain fairly quickly.