In the past, people who lost their teeth due to accidents or tooth decay had no choice but to stay with them or wear dentures that have come loose over time and seem to always fall out at the worst of times, except to get you into trouble be ready to speak and nutrition.

However, nowadays, dental implants replace lost teeth and give many people new hope and a whole new look. Dental implants are dentures that replace teeth that are extracted or lost. You can also get the best dental implants in Bend Oregon via

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They make a smile more natural, support your dentures, and do not affect the surrounding teeth. These teeth are healthy like your natural teeth, mainly because they attach to the bone and protect you from the loss of the jawbone that occurs when you lose a tooth.

Dental implant placement can be very painful, but it's still worth it, especially after the final results are announced. The dentist or oral surgeon will place an anchor or rod in your jawbone after the tooth is removed and it is usually made of titanium.

Your new dental implant will be placed in this post and it will take about 3 to 6 months for the jawbone to grow around the anchor and hold the dental implant in place.

In some cases, two operations are required to achieve this. After the anchor is attached to the bone, the dentist will glue the denture in place.