In order to better inform you about the progress of the DivX test CD project, this site has been implemented. In the blink of an eye, you will be able to know more about the progress of the realization of the form, to know but also to download the latest patches or to contact the members of the team.

Discovering the navigation is built around two main sections
– The life of the project or rather subprojects since it will be the CD but also the forum, the form or this site we will talk about.
– Download to find all the information related to the test CD (how to download it, recover the patches, …)

The main menu will allow you to directly access the input form of your tests and results (patience) as well as downloads.

Thanks to a powerful system of keyword whose subprojects are an illustration, you will also be able to give to our communications by type (To know, Corrective, …) or to list the articles by type of file.

We let you discover it and hope for you to receive suggestions as to its content.