Katie's newest vases are among the best sellers. You love the vase that is used as a dining table centerpiece with an impressive floral structure, or that is filled with colored water to match your wedding colors and filled with some colorful floating candles.  You can also buy flower vase from various online sources (also called "bloemenvaas").

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If you are organizing a candy buffet, these vases are ideal for displaying small snacks on the tables. Each vase has a curved base and sides, along with the top where the opening can be curved, much like a jar.

These vases are soft and have a sturdy shell that makes them very durable. Each vase has a matching saucer. Red and yellow lights at the bottom add a festive touch. The drink is pumped from the bottom container to the top, then melts from one level to the next through the holes around the rim of each container, allowing visitors to fill their cups with a ladle.

All these flower vase crafts for kids to make are enjoyable and also make the ideal gift for Mother's Day, spring art, or anytime to keep your flower. These vases use easy craft materials, recycled materials, ribbons along with your creativity. These are cheap but very vibrant and will look great holding your flowers. These vases can be used to hold the flowers you buy at Katie. In any case, the flowers will look good with such beautiful vases.

This sparkling vase is also an attractive way to get flowers on board without the risk of them tipping over. The vase rocks safely while still running.