If you have ever been tempted into owning one of the many recreational vehicles available on the market, you are not alone. They are a great way to go on holidays, travel the world and live in comfort.

There are literally hundreds of different types that range from complete luxury mobile homes to Ford Transit vans that have been remodeled into mobile homes. You can get information about the best RV repair service online via https://www.tjsrv.com/rv-repair/.

Many people think that the history of recreational vehicles started with the gypsies but that's not actually true. In fact, this type of vehicle was first used by traveling entertainers such as showmen and circus performers. The trend began in France around 1810. Gypsies didn't start using wagons to live in until around 1850.

Modern recreational vehicles had their beginnings in the US around 1910 when small family-owned businesses such as Airstream started to build them. Over the next forty years, the market continued to grow with several sizes being developed, both mobile and immobile.

Today, there are many manufacturers of recreational vehicles which are also known as motor homes. Some of the bigger manufacturers include Jayco, Gulfstream, Airstream and Keystone.

The many types include class A motor home, Class B campervan, class C motor home, truck camper, pop up camper, travel trailer, teardrop trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, park model, motorhome, toy trailer.

The class A motor home is the biggest of the family as they are typically included slide-outs which makes them wider than the breadth of the road. They are built on commercial truck chassis, a specially designed chassis or a commercial bus chassis