Orient Watch is one of the most famous watch brands in Japan, and has a history of over a hundred years. This means a lot to its fans, but there are still a lot of people who do not know much about the watches from this brand. One of the questions that newcomers may have is "How long do Orient watches last?" or "How durable are Orient watches?"

Orient watches are Japanese made, automatic men's watches that use 21 jewels to attain their famed accuracy, power reserve of 40 hours and last for years on end. How long do Orient watches last? The maximum amount of time for an Orient watch is 5 years with the minimum being 12 months on some models.

5 Reasons Why You Should Own An Orient Watch

1. Japanese Quality and Craftsmanship

Orient is the cheapest brand on the list, but don’t let that fool you. Reliable Japanese watch quartz movements are superb at keeping time. They are reliable, durable and cost efficient. They are worth every penny.

Orient watches are absolutely incredible. They’re affordable, stylish, and also very durable. Orient watches are extremely high-quality and give you great value for your money. Orient didn’t simply stop at making amazing watches; their customer service is also second to none. You can contact them anytime of day or night, and they’ll be there to help you with anything you need.

2 Horology Heritage

Traditionally a tailor-made dress with a little smile, the Orient Watch with a unique blend of humor and profession with a clear focus on European elegance. These days, the brand is the leading light of the entry into smart watches, with its elegant design and watchmaking skills.

At Orient, preserving the art of watchmaking is as important as producing timepieces of unrivaled quality. Through its rich horological heritage, the brand has remained one of the most renowned watchmakers in the world. And a reliable choice not only for a lifetime, but also for generations to come.

3. Reliable Time Keeping

When it comes to watches, Orient has remained faithful to its roots. The modern Orient is an epitome of simplicity and reliability. It still makes mechanical watches which are powered by spring drives. Even today it is renowned for the quality of its time pieces.

Time keeping is one of those aspects of life that we often take for granted. Even if we do pay attention to the time, there’s always a clock nearby to check. But as the saying goes, the only constant in life is change. Unfortunately, batteries don’t last forever and they’re not exactly cheap. That’s why Orient Watches are so great! With an Orient watch you won’t have to worry about buying expensive batteries or replacing them frequently.

4 Economical and Affordable

Prices Prices Prices is the only attribute that we feel needs to be discussed here. Orient Watches is one of the most affordable and most economical brands in the world of wristwatches. Especially when it comes to automatic and mechanical watches, Orient Watches offers a whole range of models with prices offered at cheap and competitive prices from other brands.

Realizing that affordable men's watches are not hard to find can be something that can take a man by surprise. The truth is that these reasonable watches are the best option for men out there who are looking for ones that they will use on a frequent basis yet at the same time, ones that are reasonably priced.

5 Innovative and Creative in Designs

It is no secret that Orient Automatic Watches are very popular these days. But what exactly about them makes them so great? It is really the innovative and creative designs of the watch casings that make these watches stand out. Over the years, the company's engineers have come up with some fabulous designs that any watch collector wants to have.

Orient is an innovative leader in the world of eyewear design. With their long history of designing high-quality and fashionable eyewear, they are known for breaking the mold, always getting new ideas through research and development, using new materials for frame construction, creating some of the most comfortable prescription frames on the market, and some of the most creative frame styles on the market.

How Long Do Orient Watches Last?

Orient Watches’ Warranty: The customer will have a full manufacturer's warranty valid from the original date of purchase or a period of 2 year after purchase. The specific warranty timeframe will be based on the ownership status of the product. If you are looking to Buy Watches Online in UAE, Visit Monawatch.com